New Castle Community History and Archaeology Project        

Researching Your House in the Town of New Castle

A house research guide for New Castle County is available from the State of Delaware has much useful detail, but there are some resources specific to the Town of New Castle.  These research approaches are listed below in order of ease of use and usefulness.  Even if you know only the address of a property in the historic area you can find out the names of occupants or owners from the first settlement in the 1650's up to the 1840's.  These names help with the other approaches such as census, probate, tax or burial records. 

Easier approaches

Harder approaches

To get information from the census (before 1900), or wills, probate or orphans court records you need to know the names of the owners (or occupants for the census).  If you don't know the names of owners from maps you can get these via following the chain of title starting with data from your deed.